History Majors Win 1st and 3rd Place in 2015 Library Research Prize!

Congratulations to Fletcher Warren ’15, winner of the 2015 Bethel University Library Research Prize for his Senior Seminar paper, “‘A Long Way from Minneapolis’: Minnesotans in the Spanish Civil War.” And to Kelly Van Wyk ’15, winner of 3rd place in the same competition for “The Paneled Lives of Extraordinary Women: Comic Books, Superheroines, and American Women in the 1940s” (also from Senior Sem).

The trophy for the BU Library Research Prize
Yes, this coveted trophy!

Drawing on primary sources at multiple archives in addition to the holdings of the Bethel Library, Fletcher explored the motivations and experiences of the sixty Minnesotans who fought in the International Brigades during the 1936-1939 conflict in Spain. The Library prize is not the first contest Fletcher has won with work connected to this project, which he’s now developing into a book-length manuscript. A chapter detailing the ideological background of the Minnesotan volunteers for the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War won the Undergraduate Prize in the 2014 George Watt Essay Competition, from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives in New York.

You can learn more about Fletcher’s research on April 30, 10:15am in the Bethel Library, when he gives a talk on his project and the coveted research prize trophy is again handed over to the History Department. (Taylor Ferda won the inaugural competition in 2010, followed by Matisse Murray in 2013.)

Kelly will be presenting her innovative work on comic books as a primary source at the Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium — April 25 at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN.


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