Stacey Hunter Hecht (1968-2015)

In profound sadness and continuing disbelief, we must report that our friend and colleague Stacey Hunter Hecht, associate professor of political science, passed away on Wednesday afternoon. Only 47 years old, Stacey had been on medical leave this year while she battled breast cancer.

Flowers and cards being collected on a table in front of Stacey's office on AC 2nd

At this point, it’s hard to find the words to explain just how much Stacey meant to the people of our department, but we encourage you to listen to Prof. Sam Mulberry’s December 2014 interview with Stacey on his Autobiography podcast, and to read Prof. Chris Gehrz’ reflection on his friendship with Stacey, posted yesterday at his blog, The Pietist Schoolman.

A memorial service for faculty, staff, alumni, students, and other members of the Bethel community will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 9:30am in the Seminary Chapel. Our own Diana Magnuson and Chris Gehrz will be among those participating in a service meant to celebrate Stacey’s life and enduring influence.

If you would like to join Stacey’s family and broader circle of friends in remembering her, visitation will be that same day from 4-8pm at Holcomb-Henry-Boom-Purcell Funeral Home in Shoreview (Hwy 96 and Mackubin). Then on Thursday the 17th, Stacey’s church, Como Park Lutheran (1376 W. Hoyt Ave. in St. Paul), will host a memorial service at 11am, with a gathering time the hour before.

Please join us in praying for Stacey’s family — especially her daughter, Rosie, and husband, Steve — and for her colleagues and students in the Political Science department. Peace be to her memory.


2 thoughts on “Stacey Hunter Hecht (1968-2015)”

  1. When I saw Stacey on Tuesday at the hospital, I left a note in which I commented about the season of Advent, which for many Christians, represents a time of preparing to meet God face to face. I noted that such an expectation came with so many questions: how does this happen? what will it be like? It is noteworthy, for example, that even as the angel tells Mary how blessed she is above women for being chosen to be overshadowed (note even that language) by the Holy Spirit and to bear the Son of God, the angel also has to tell Mary: be not afraid. Even Mary was overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting God. I wrote in my note to Stacey that such a thought gave me comfort. I believe that Stacey is now with God, and that her suffering is over, and for those things I am grateful. Still, I am filled with grief at my loss, and what this loss means for her family and larger community. I pray that we can all experience the peace that passes understanding even in our grief.

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