This Sunday, Bethel University will host a memorial service for G.W. Carlson — 2pm in Benson Great Hall. If you’re planning to attend that event and can come a bit early, you’ll find faculty and alumni from the History and Political Science departments near Royal Grounds between 12:30-1:30pm. (That’s the new coffee shop in between AC and CC 2nd, in case your time at Bethel predates the Brushaber Commons.) Nothing formal: it’s just a chance to reconnect and share stories about our friend, mentor, teacher, and colleague.

Even if you can’t be at Bethel on Sunday, you can help us remember GW in two other ways:

• Share your own stories of GW by sending them to Prof. Diana Magnuson, archivist of Bethel University and the Baptist General Conference.

• If you’d like to honor GW’s memory with a financial gift… The family has been kind enough to designate the Bert H. and Bernice Carlson Scholarship as one of its two memorials. (The other is Central Community Services, Inc.) Named for GW’s parents, the Carlson scholarships annually support six history and political science majors with demonstrated financial need. To make a donation to that scholarship fund, complete the online giving form, select “Other,” and specify “G.W. Carlson Memorial.”

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