After we posted maps of our alumni who are teaching social studies and attending graduate school, one former student asked if we had thought about mapping all of our graduates who now work in higher education.

Great idea… but I decided we could do even better than that.

Today I’m proud to present version 1.0 of the ultimate map of Bethel History/Social Studies Ed alumni and where they’re currently working!

It’s a work in progress, but even in this preliminary stage we’ve got hundreds of alumni working in higher ed (blue), K-12 (purple), business (yellow), health care (green), and politics/government/law/nonprofits (red). Then I added links for anyone who has done an interview in our ongoing From AC 2nd to… series.

If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to help us improve the map… please review it and then let me know if:

  • You’re not on here at all and would like to be added
  • You’re on here, but the information or location is incorrect
  • You see someone else missing, or with out-of-date info
  • You’d rather not be included on this map (I used public information, but I’m happy to remove your name and info if you prefer)

Just seeing this map is a great reminder of the high caliber of our students — and of the versatility of the History major.

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