New Article by Dr. Poppinga on Interfaith Education

Congratulations to Prof. Amy Poppinga, who has an article published in the newest issue of the journal Christian Higher Education. With Bethel colleagues Sara Shady (Philosophy) and Marion Larson (English), Dr. Poppinga draws on her scholarship in the field of interfaith studies and her experience with interfaith initiatives at Bethel to suggest how Christian college students can develop interfaith competency.

Cover of Christian Higher Education journalHere’s a taste of the article abstract:

While Christian higher education provides a valuable space for students to grow in faith and prepare for lives of service to others, many students leave college with little exposure to, or knowledge of, religious differences. Of particular concern is the infrequency of students developing relationships with religious “others,” leaving them underprepared for constructively navigating a post-Christian society. This reality places a special responsibility on Christian educators to provide sound education and opportunities for healthy encounters with different religious voices, allowing persons from these traditions to speak in their own voices and be hospitably welcomed into Christian communities.


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