Expect a lot of changes at the Bethel History Department blog over the next few weeks as we overhaul the look of this blog.

First up, a new title to reflect our new location at Bethel.

Second, we’ve updated our CC 4th faculty profiles. All our professors answered a series of “get to know us” questions — some serious, some quite a bit less so. We’ll share more of those answers as blog posts this fall. But to find the first four or five questions for each faculty member, just click on the links in the Our Faculty drop-down menu above.

left: Profs. Poppinga and Goldberg preparing for commencement in May 2019; right: Profs. Mulberry and Gehrz in Paris, during their J-term World War I trip

You’ll learn where Diana Magnuson and AnneMarie Kooistra most enjoy doing historical research, whose biographies Charlie Goldberg and Sam Mulberry would love to write, where Amy Poppinga likes to travel, and which three words Chris Gehrz‘s friends would use to describe him. Enjoy!

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