In 2013 we ran a series of posts from Bethel graduates who had paired a major in the sciences with a minor in History. Six years later, a History minor is still a good idea for students in seemingly unrelated fields. Just ask Haley Prewitt ’20, who is combining a Business (marketing) major with her History minor.

Haley in Paris this past January, when she was on our World War I travel course

I originally was torn between education and business, which is what started me on this major/minor combination. I was not sure if teaching history was my calling, or business marketing. Ultimately, I chose Business Marketing for my career path. However, I didn’t want that to hinder my other interest of history. I have loved all of my history classes and really just enjoy learning about history.

I felt that if I was paying a good amount of money to be here, I could enjoy classes in both of my key interests. I think it also shows an open mindset or dynamic attribute because it is not the “norm”.

The overlap I have seen in classes and my internship comes from the writing and research skills I have developed. These connected well with different areas of marketing such as marketing research and my current internship in communications. Also in history courses, we talk a lot about different cultures and how they have evolved over time. I think it gives you a different type of appreciation for cultures different from you when you know about their background. This is not only applicable in a business setting where you are working with a diverse group of people, but in life in general.

– Haley Prewitt

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