Our third preview of an Interim or Spring 2020 class takes us into one of political science professor Andy Bramsen’s fields of expertise.

POS/HIS329 African Politics

Days/Times: TR 2:05-3:20pm in Spring 2020

Prerequisite: POS202U Intro to International Relations or POS205 Intro to Comparative Politics (recommended)

Counts for:

Major option: History (Global category or elective); Social Studies Education (content area elective); Digital Humanities (Humanities core elective); Political Science (Comparative category or elective); International Relations (political science/history elective); Business & Political Science (area elective)

Minor option: History, Political Science

Complete the sentence: Students should consider taking this course ____________.
…if they do not know much about African history and politics and would like to.
What’s a big question that you’re asking in this course?
What can we learn from studying the politics and cultures of Africa?
Achebe, Things Fall ApartWhat’s your favorite reading to teach in this course?
I love teaching Chinua Achebe novels in the course; Things Fall Apart does a great job addressing the colonial experience and No Longer At Ease explains why corruption happens better than anything else I’ve ever read. I’m excited about teaching a new history text (Matthew Graham’s Contemporary Africa) this spring for the first time.
Which historical individual or group are you most excited for students to meet in this course?

It’s a hard call because African political history is filled with intriguing figures. But as someone who grew up as a missionary kid in Senegal, I always enjoy introducing students to Leopold Senghor, the rare person who was both a true intellectual and served as president of his country.

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