Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to meet the students in HIS499: Senior Seminar. Students interviewed each other, and then created a blog post. First up, here’s Celia Blattner’s post about Josh Hinrichs:

Josh is a native Minnesotan who grew up not too far down the road from Bethel in Shoreview, MN. He spent most of his high school years at Legacy Christian Academy but transferred to Mounds View High School for his senior year in order to attend Bethel as a PSEO student. Both of Josh’s parents are Bethel alumni and after exploring a few other college options, Josh made the decision that he too would call Bethel home. During his time spent at Bethel, Josh has found himself in a number of leadership roles on campus: he is on a Vespers team, leads with Pray First and is the Worship Leader for Free Grace United Church who meets on Sunday mornings in our very own Seminary Chapel! In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with his wonderful girlfriend Gracie, working at Trout Lake Camp in the summer doing “the fun adventure stuff” and traveling any chance he can get. He claims to have traveled to Florida to visit Disney World on his own one day last winter – we are going to need to see pictures or it didn’t happen.

Josh is a Social Studies Education major with a History minor. When asked the question, “What’s holding you back from majoring in History?”, Josh explained that participating in a study abroad program to Europe is his first priority and if that does not go as planned, then he would consider the major. It is good to know where we stand, Josh. Anyway, upon having an informative individual meeting with his Senior Seminar professor, Dr. Kooistra, Josh decided on researching the topic of the​ Evolution of Jesus Through Film​. Josh hopes that his research will reveal how Hollywood portrays Jesus in films, how that portrayal has changed over time and ultimately how this evolution reflects our culture. If you love entertainment and you love Jesus, then stay tuned – this paper is bound to be a page-turner.

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