Last month we introduced you to the Hippo faculty and some of their favorite things. This month: time to meet some of our students, about twenty of whom took time to fill out a survey for us in late July.

As with the profs, we’ll start with pop culture…

What are your three favorite movies and/or TV series? (No explanation – just name the three.)

Jill Herman ’22 (Political Science/Communication Studies – Coon Rapids, MN)
The Shawshank Redemption, The Office, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Jett Hutton-Lau ’22 (Digital Humanities/Media Production – Prior Lake, MN)
Cat and the Hat (2003), Catching Fire, The Matrix

Madison Wilson ’24 (Political Science – Davenport, IA)
A Star Is Born, Lion, Little Women

Laura Charlotte Underwood ’24 (History – Huntsville, AL)
Pride and Prejudice (2005), Braveheart, Little Women (2019)

Amanda Steiner ’22 (Social Studies Education – Grayslake, IL)
Pride and Prejudice (2005), Sharp Objects, The Florida Project

Elly Olsen ’23 (Business & Poli Sci – Winona, MN)
South Park, Tropic Thunder, Lord of the Rings

Duncan Harro ’23 (Philosophy/Physics – Chicago, IL)
The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, A Hidden Life

Karina Nelson ’24 (International Relations – Alexandria, MN)
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Tangled, Black Widow

Michael Opheim ’22 (History/Neuroscience – Lino Lakes, MN)
Dances with Wolves, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad

Emma Ryks ’24 (History – Champlin, MN)
Hidden Figures, The Princess Bride, Monk

Meraiah Latty ’22 (Digital Humanities/History/Philosophy – Arden Hills, MN)
Frasier, Psych, Monk

Jonah Zwart ’21 (Philosophy – Grapevine, TX)
Greener Grass, Black Monday, Glow

Who’s your favorite musician, band, or composer? Just how big a fan are you?

Aimee Kuiper ’22 (Digital Humanities/Fine Arts – Savage, MN)
Brahms — I would die for Jo. (Also, the Beastie Boys are a close second.)

Abigail Williams ’23 (History/Philosophy – Yosemite, CA)
Taylor Swift, I know this is a largely cliche answer, but my whole family has always listened to Taylor Swift from the time I was really young, and so there is so much nostalgia associated with her music. I feel as though I kind of grew up with her, so even though she sounds a lot different from music I would typically listen to, I still feel quite fond of her.

Tessah Anderson ’21 (International Relations/Business – White Bear Lake, MN)
Taylor Swift. How big of a fan am I? In high school a teacher wrote me a note expressing how awesome it was that I defended Taylor Swift in front of the whole class in the first day of school because someone made a snide analogy about her. Was it an overreaction? Possibly. Was it necessary? Completely. I didn’t see any of the fools in my class writing and producing best selling albums. Been a fan since 3rd grade. Some things never change.

Dakota Burton ’23 (Social Studies Ed – Cromwell, MN)
If I had to choose just one, then I’d have to pick Casting Crowns. As for “how big of a fan”… I’m 5’5”!

Essie Shull ’22 (Digital Humanities/History – Cambridge, MN)
I think I have to say BTS. When I was cleaning coins for Dr. Goldberg’s coin project in Roman Civ, I watched Run BTS a lot, which is the band’s own variety show…. so I suppose I have to call myself a fully fledged member of ARMY at this point. Besides K-pop, however, I know next to nothing about popular music, so you’ll probably find me listening to film scores when I’m not listening to BTS. My favorite film composer is Joe Hisaishi.

RyleeAnn Andre ’24 (Social Studies Ed – Harrisburg, SD)
My newfound favorite music artist is Yebba. I would definitely pay a somewhat absurd amount of money to go to a concert, and I also force everyone I know to listen to “Distance” and “Evergreen.”

Will Swanda ’24 (History/Social Studies Ed – Edina, MN)
Right now, Hozier! I’m quite a big fan…

[Editor’s note: you should also check out Will’s own album.]

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