Fall classes start two weeks from today, and new students will start moving in next week. So as campus starts to come alive for a new academic year, we thought we’d continue our August series by sharing some of our students’ favorite things about life at Bethel.

What’s your favorite place on campus? Why do you like being there?

CC 429 has been especially quiet this summer… but we’re looking forward to seeing students back here in a couple weeks

Laura Charlotte Underwood ’24 (History – Huntsville, AL)
Honestly, it really is the CC 400s. It’s my favorite place to study because it’s out of the way of most student traffic, so it’s quiet. But I can still interact with students and professors in a meaningful way.

Jill Herman ’22 (Political Science/Communication Studies – Coon Rapids, MN)
The CLC prayer chapel. I like this room because it’s a soft space. I have spent countless hours in the prayer chapel meditating, journaling, and spending time with God.

Sophie Hoffer ’22 (History/International Relations/Psychology – Princeton, MN)
The BC! I love seeing so many different people throughout my day.

Karina Nelson ’24 (International Relations – Alexandria, MN)
The BC3 window benches when it’s sunny outside — even in the middle of winter, it’s warm and bright. Plus, people watching is fun.

Emma Ryks ’24 (History – Champlin, MN)
The Library (quiet and secluded) and the Grill (light and airy).

Photo courtesy of RyleeAnn Andre

RyleeAnn Andre ’24 (Social Studies Education – Harrisburg, SD)
There is a specific room in the Lakeside Center [the former Seminary building] that I use as a study room when I have the time. It has a beautiful view of the lake, and you can also observe people as they pass by on the walking paths.

Abigail Williams ’23 (History/Philosophy – Yosemite, CA)
The grassy area outside of the seminary building. I really enjoyed taking ten-minute naps there before going to class towards the end of last year. It is one of the more woody areas on campus, and during the spring the trees have such pretty flowers on them.

Duncan Harro ’23 (Philosophy/Physics – Chicago, IL)
The stand of trees near the LSC — perfect for hammocks.

Dakota Burton ’23 (Social Studies Ed – Cromwell, MN)
I love the canoe dock on campus, especially at night. It’s very peaceful, and I can watch the stars and listen to the water and wildlife.

Will Swanda ’24 (History/Social Studies Ed – Edina, MN)
Ona Orth. It’s incredibly peaceful. I love playing soccer and being with my team up there. It’s a little sacred space for me.

Soccer field at the Ona Orth Athletic Complex – photo courtesy of Tess Anderson

Tessah Anderson ’21 (International Relations/Business – White Bear Lake, MN)
I love the soccer field. So many fun memories and favorite teammates…

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