Thanks again to the twenty-some students who gave up a few minutes from their summer break to answer some questions for us! We’ll wrap their August series with a few more of their favorite things about life at Bethel.

What’s your favorite meal in the DC? (no explanation needed)

Jonah Zwart ’21 (Philosophy – Grapevine, TX)

Tessah Anderson ’21 (International Relations/Business – White Bear Lake, MN)
Buffalo chicken salads

Duncan Harro ’23 (Philosophy/Physics – Chicago, IL)

Dakota Burton ’23 (Social Studies Education – Cromwell, MN)
Pad Thai, hands down

Jill Herman ’22 (Political Science/Communication Studies – Coon Rapids, MN)
General Tso’s Chicken stir fry

Aimee Kuiper ’22 (Digital Humanities/Fine Arts – Savage, MN)

Jett Hutton-Lau ’22 (Digital Humanities/Media Production – Prior Lake, MN)

What about life at Bethel are you most excited to see come back to normal after COVID?

Karina Nelson ’24 (International Relations – Alexandria, MN)
Student Activities events back at full force — I’m the Banquets & Dances director and am looking forward to planning my events!

Essie Shull ’22 (Digital Humanities/History – Cambridge, MN)
I’ve been involved in Bethel’s music ensembles since I was a freshman, so I’m excited to have more normal performances. I’m most looking forward to doing Festival of Christmas again.

Madison Wilson ’24 (Political Science – Davenport, IA)
Football games and full-capacity Vespers.

Welcome Week 2020…

Elly Olsen ’23 (Business & Poli Sci – Winona, MN)
The general openness of students… it was really hard to meet people and hang out because everyone was freaked out about other people — especially people they didn’t know well.

Amanda Steiner ’22 (Social Studies Education – Grayslake, IL)
Less anxiety in big classes.

Laura Charlotte Underwood ’24 (History – Huntsville, AL)
I’m excited to build better relationships in my classes and clubs. It was a lot harder to form those connections with limited group work, masks, and social distancing.

Will Swanda ’24 (History/Social Studies Ed – Edina, MN)
I don’t know what pre-COVID Bethel feels like, so I’m excited to figure it out!

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