Our next Spring 2022 course preview is the first of three we’ll feature from philosopher and Hippo co-chair Sara Shady…

PHI223L Introduction to Gender Studies

Days/Times: TR 2:05-3:20pm in Spring 2022

Prerequisites: GES130 Christianity and Western Culture and GES160 Inquiry Seminar (can take at the same time), or GES244 Humanities III

Counts for:

• General Education: Contemporary Western Life and Thought (L) course

• Major option: Philosophy (Contemporary or Global Philosophy option), Digital Humanities (Humanities core elective), Reconciliation Studies (Identity, Systems & Reconciliation option)

• Minor: Gender Studies (required), Philosophy

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Complete this sentence: “Students should consider taking this course because…

…it engages students in thinking about how we define gender, and gender is both shaped by and shapes our social institutions. Learn how gender, sex, and sexuality are discussed in the academic field of Gender Studies and put that in conversation with Christianity.

What are some big questions you’re asking in this course?

What does it mean to be masculine or feminine in 2021? How have those concepts changed over time? How do we want to define those terms moving forward?

How often have you taught this course?

Every year for 10 years.

What’s a reading you’re excited for students to encounter and discuss?

I love engaging students in reading Half the Sky and learning about issues facing men and women, boys and girls, around the globe.

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