The course we’re previewing this afternoon will be taught in both Interim (by Dan Yim) and Spring (by Sara Shady) . The answers to the questions below come from Dr. Shady…

PHI110 Contemporary Moral Issues

Days/Times: M-F 9:00-11:45am in Interim 2022; MWF 1:50-2:40pm in Spring 2022

Prerequisites: none

Counts for:

• Major requirement: Philosophy, Community Health

• Major option: Nursing (recommended Ethics option)

• Minor/endorsement: Philosophy (minor – elective), Healthcare (endorsement – Ethics option)

Word cloud image courtesy of Pixabay

Complete the sentence: “Students should consider taking this course because…”

“…Contemporary Moral Issues is an essential course for any major. You learn the basics of problem solving for many of the ethical dilemmas we face in the world today. You also learn how to communicate constructively about different perspectives on moral issues.”

What’s a big question that you’re asking in this course?

How should we navigate many of the ethical dilemmas we face in the world today, especially given the strong divisions we face in our society?

What are some of the ethical issues students will discuss?

Euthanasia and medical ethics; animal rights; war; workplace ethics; etc.

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