This afternoon’s course preview comes from our ancient historian, Dr. Charlie Goldberg, who’s also teaching Advanced Digital Humanities next fall.

HIS310 Near Eastern and Greek Civilizations

Days/Times: M/W/F 12:30-1:40pm in Fall 2022

Prerequisites: GES130 Christianity and Western Culture or GES145 Humanities I; sophomore standing

Counts for:

• Major option: History (European History option), Digital Humanities (Humanities core elective); Social Studies Education 5-12 (content area elective)

• Minor option: History

The Caryatids holding up the Erechtheion temple on Athens’ Acropolis – Creative Commons (Harrieta171)

Complete this sentence: “Students should consider taking this course because…

“…it explores the foundations of western democracy in its original context.”

What’s a big question you’re asking in this course?

In 21st century America, we are predisposed towards thinking that democracy is inherently good and desirable, but democracy has its own fascinating, and tumultuous, history. In Near Eastern and Greek Civ, our big question is “Where did democracy come from?” Why did the Athenians turn to it in the 5th century BCE, and what other forms of government did it compete with?

How often have you taught this course?

Every other year.

What’s an activity you’re excited for students to participate in?

One of the most exciting aspects of the class is our historical simulation, where each student embodies the political outlook of a real historical Athenian and engages in debates from that character’s perspective.

<<POS/PHI345 Modern Political Thought | PHI340K Philosophy of Science>>

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