This afternoon, the first of two Fall 2022 course previews from Prof. Andy Bramsen. We’ll start with an introduction to his particular field within political science.

POS205 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Days/Times: M/W/F 9:00-9:50am in Fall 2022

Prerequisites: none

Counts for:

• Major requirement: International Relations

• Major option: Political Science (Comparative Politics option), Business & Political Science (Field Survey option), Social Studies Education 5-12 (content area elective)

• Minor: Political Science (elective)

Nigeria’s National Assembly meets in this building in Abuja – Creative Commons (Kabusa16)

Complete the sentence: “Students should consider taking this course because…”

“…we will study a number of the most powerful countries in the world together to reach a deeper understanding of their political histories and how they are governed. Our list includes some of the major players in world politics today, such as China and Russia. We will also compare the US experience with that of our neighbor Canada.”

What’s a big question that you’re asking in this course?

What factors lead to a country ending up with a particular form of government?

How often have you taught this course? What’s something you plan to do differently this time?

I typically teach this course every fall. This will be the 9th time I have taught it at Bethel. I use different texts (and different genres of texts) for different countries, which I think is great, but in an effort to also get a little more consistency in comparing countries, I’m planning to use Freedom House reports as an assigned reading as we assess the way different countries are governed.

What’s a reading you’re especially excited for students in this course to discuss?

Chinua Achebe’s A Man of the People is a powerful work that I always look forward to discussing.

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