Gehrz and Barr (eds.), Faith and History

Coming This December: A History Devotional

Congratulations to Drs. Gehrz and Poppinga, two of the contributors to Faith and History: A Devotional, due out this December from Baylor University Press, which describes the project this way: Join over forty Christian historians as they journey through the biblical and historical past, reading God’s word in light of the experiences of those made … Continue reading Coming This December: A History Devotional

The Newest Publications by Dr. Magnuson

Congratulations to Dr. Diana Magnuson, whose latest work on the history of the U.S. Census is the lead article in the new issue of the Journal of American History! Written with Steve Ruggles of the Minnesota Population Center, "Census Technology, Politics, and Institutional Change, 1790-2020" is available to students through the Bethel library's subscription; others can find … Continue reading The Newest Publications by Dr. Magnuson

Pandemics and History

Check out the newest online project from our faculty! Hosted by Prof. Chris Gehrz, Pandemics and the Liberal Arts is a limited-run podcast series exploring the ways that academic disciplines in the liberal arts can help us understand and respond to public health crises like what we're experiencing right now with COVID-19. In future episodes, PLA will … Continue reading Pandemics and History

Modeling the Medieval Past with Sketchup

Prof. Goldberg's Intro to Digital Humanities students have been hard at work over the past few weeks creating digital 3D models of medieval cathedrals, basilicas, and castles. After spending a couple weeks studying these structures the "traditional" way - through a combination of lecture and primary sources - DH'ers dove in to learning how to … Continue reading Modeling the Medieval Past with Sketchup

Screen shot of digital preview for Bethel travel course, Medieval Worlds

Learn about Our New J-Term Trip: Medieval Worlds

In addition to registering for Fall 2020 courses like U.S. Business History and Modern Middle East, this is also the time of year when Bethel students start looking at Interim travel options for next J-term. For January 2021 we're putting our World War I trip on hiatus, and instead offering an exciting new travel course that will … Continue reading Learn about Our New J-Term Trip: Medieval Worlds

Course Previews: U.S. Business History

Our next Fall 2020 course preview features a brand new class from Dr. Kooistra, one that's meant both to give our department's students a different perspective on American history and to help Business students think more deeply about their current studies and future work. HIS330 U.S. Business History Days/Times: MWF 2:50-4:00 in Fall 2020 Prerequisites: Sophomore standing … Continue reading Course Previews: U.S. Business History

Image of a mushroom cloud over the Pacific Ocean

Course Previews: The Cold War

Today we continue our new series of Fall 2020 course previews with the first class that Prof. Gehrz added to our curriculum when he started at Bethel... HIS/POS305G The Cold War Days/Times: TR 12:15-1:30 in Fall 2020 Prerequisites: GES130 Christianity and Western Culture, GES160 Inquiry Seminar, and a Contemporary Western Life and Thought (L) course (or … Continue reading Course Previews: The Cold War