Augustine, Christine de Pizan, and Carl Lundquist

Faculty Favorites: Biographies

For this week's installment of our new Faculty Favorites series, we're going to introduce you to some of the life stories that move and fascinate us — as Christians and historians. Tell us about a member of your "cloud of witnesses" (Heb 12:1). Who's an earlier Christian whose story inspires, convicts, or challenges you? Sam Mulberry: Augustine of … Continue reading Faculty Favorites: Biographies

Covers of Red Azalea, Old Weird America, and Ordinary Men

Faculty Favorites: Books

A new week gives you a new chance to get to know our faculty better. After starting with what movies they watch and music they listen to, today we're going to turn to the written word: what books they like to read and teach. What's your favorite book to teach in a course at Bethel? … Continue reading Faculty Favorites: Books

Audio book of Rankine, Citizen

Three More Books to Read for Black History Month

Earlier this week at The Anxious Bench, I mentioned five books that I'm planning to read for Black History Month: biographies of Frederick Douglass and Jackie Robinson, plus a study of Catholic civil rights activism in Chicago, an analysis of the impact of the black church on the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Jemar Tisby's widely-acclaimed … Continue reading Three More Books to Read for Black History Month

David Brooks

Coming to Bethel: Former History Major David Brooks

Join us next Tuesday evening (Sept. 25, 7pm) when New York Times columnist, bestselling author, and radio/TV commentator David Brooks gives a public lecture in Benson Great Hall. (Tickets are free, but must be ordered ahead of time.) Entitled "The Road to Character," Brooks' talk builds on his 2015 book by that title,  which contrasts résumé virtues … Continue reading Coming to Bethel: Former History Major David Brooks

Gehrz & Pattie, The Pietist Option

Now Available from Prof. Gehrz: The Pietist Option

Congratulations to Prof. Chris Gehrz, whose new book with Evangelical Covenant pastor Mark Pattie came out today! The Pietist Option: Hope for the Renewal of Christianity (InterVarsity Press) is a 21st century version of a 1675 book that launched the German Pietist movement. While it borrows from the history of Pietism, it addresses present-day concerns. In his … Continue reading Now Available from Prof. Gehrz: The Pietist Option

April 1974 article on GW's role in bring a peace conference to Bethel

Reflections on GW: Janel Curry

Since his death last Friday, e've heard from many of GW's former students, including several comments on our initial announcement of his passing. If you'd like to share your favorite memories of GW, send them to Prof. Diana Magnuson. As a sample of how our friend affected one student, we're happy to publish this recollection by Dr. … Continue reading Reflections on GW: Janel Curry

VNV Meeting in 1941

Modern Europe Journal: Collaboration and Resistance

Why did some Germans and other Europeans collaborate in the Holocaust, while others risked their lives to resist? Students in HIS354 Modern Europe asked this question last week, after having read Christopher Browning's Ordinary Men, watched the 2005 German movie Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (about the arrest and execution of the students in the White Rose, an anti-Nazi resistance movement) and visited an online exhibit from the … Continue reading Modern Europe Journal: Collaboration and Resistance

Defendants at the Nuremberg Trial

Two Talks This Week on the Nuremberg Trials

If you live in the Twin Cities area and are interested in the war crimes trials held at Nuremberg seventy years ago, this is your lucky week! Tomorrow night (Wednesday, Nov. 11) at 7pm, World Without Genocide and several local co-sponsors will present a talk by law professor Michael Bayzler, co-author of Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust. The … Continue reading Two Talks This Week on the Nuremberg Trials