Augustine, Christine de Pizan, and Carl Lundquist

Faculty Favorites: Biographies

For this week's installment of our new Faculty Favorites series, we're going to introduce you to some of the life stories that move and fascinate us — as Christians and historians. Tell us about a member of your "cloud of witnesses" (Heb 12:1). Who's an earlier Christian whose story inspires, convicts, or challenges you? Sam Mulberry: Augustine of … Continue reading Faculty Favorites: Biographies

Three of our favorite faculty colleagues: Chris Moore, Bethany Opsata, Gary Long

Faculty Favorites: Bethel Colleagues

While we'll continue to get to know the Bethel History faculty in our new Q&A series, we thought we'd pause to introduce some other Bethel professors. Beyond our department... tell us about another member of the Bethel faculty whom you especially admire. Sam Mulberry: Chris Moore of the Political Science department has an amazing ability … Continue reading Faculty Favorites: Bethel Colleagues

Sam Mulberry addressing the Bethel faculty retreat on Aug. 27, 2019

“Teach Well”: Prof. Mulberry’s Address at Faculty Retreat

A week before the start of fall classes, Bethel's faculty gathered yesterday morning for its annual retreat. The keynote speaker was our own Prof. Sam Mulberry '99 — who was kind enough to let us post the text of his address. Not only will you learn a lot more about Sam's story, but you'll find … Continue reading “Teach Well”: Prof. Mulberry’s Address at Faculty Retreat

Previewing Our Fall 2019 Courses

Tonight Bethel students will start registering for courses next fall. Here's what's History faculty will be teaching in FA19: HIS200L American Civilization (AnneMarie Kooistra) HIS210U Minorities in America (Ruben Rivera) HIS/GEO320K History and the Human Environment (Amy Poppinga) HIS350 Modern America (Diana Magnuson) HIS354 Modern Europe (Chris Gehrz) HIS356 Modern Middle East (Poppinga) DIG310 Advanced Digital Humanities (Charlie Goldberg) GEO120 Intro to … Continue reading Previewing Our Fall 2019 Courses

St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

CWC Journal: Lessons from St. Benedict

Today we're happy to share a second example of recent exam essays in GES130 Christianity and Western Culture, in which students explained a lesson they thought contemporary Christians could learn from their medieval forebears. This essay comes from Maddie Sumners, a freshman at Bethel who hails from Victoria, MN and graduated from Chanhassen High School. One important … Continue reading CWC Journal: Lessons from St. Benedict

Domenico, painting of Dante between Purgatory and Florence

CWC Journal: Lessons from the Middle Ages

We've occasionally published student work from upper-level History courses like Modern Europe and Senior Seminar, but this week I thought I'd share some writing by Bethel students who aren't necessarily majoring in History... but are studying the past in Christianity and Western Culture, the multidisciplinary first-year course that is a foundation of Bethel's gen ed curriculum. … Continue reading CWC Journal: Lessons from the Middle Ages

Prof. Goldberg in Greece

What We Did On Our Summer Break: Faculty

It's the first week of the new year at Bethel, but before we get too far into the fall, we thought we'd look back at what the people of AC 2nd did with their summers. We'll hear from some students soon enough. But let's start with a few members of our faculty: Amy Poppinga: It is … Continue reading What We Did On Our Summer Break: Faculty

Watch Prof. Mulberry Talk about Empathy

Prof. Sam Mulberry is the latest member of our department to be featured in Bethel's Meet the Faculty video series. In his interview, Prof. Mulberry explains the connection between empathy and historical study in courses like GES130 Christianity and Western Culture: "History, when it's taught well, can help us approach events, ideas, controversies from multiple perspectives. It challenges … Continue reading Watch Prof. Mulberry Talk about Empathy

Sunset at Glacier National Park in Montana

What Do Bethel History Professors Do on Their Summer Breaks? (part 2)

Part two of our brief series sharing summer plans from Bethel's history professors. (Read part one here.) This summer, Sam Mulberry be working at Bethel on three major projects. First, he'll help build academic schedules for incoming students who will be new to Bethel in the Fall. This includes both building their initial schedules as … Continue reading What Do Bethel History Professors Do on Their Summer Breaks? (part 2)

The Things They Carried: Sam Mulberry

"The Things They Carried" is not only the title of a short story collection by Tim O'Brien but also series of articles in Foreign Policy Magazine.  In these articles, a writer at Foreign Policy profiles a person with a unique job in the world of international relations by creating a photo spread of the items … Continue reading The Things They Carried: Sam Mulberry