Our Newest Podcast: Bookish

We're excited to announce the debut of Bookish @ Bethel, a new podcast on the Live from AC2nd network! Featuring our own Prof. AnneMarie Kooistra and Philosophy professor Carrie Peffley, Bookish will feature conversations about books and other texts that feature in Bethel's Humanities Program. (Carrie and AnneMarie help lead one of the Humanities teaching teams.) For the … Continue reading Our Newest Podcast: Bookish

Previewing Our Fall 2019 Courses

Tonight Bethel students will start registering for courses next fall. Here's what's History faculty will be teaching in FA19: HIS200L American Civilization (AnneMarie Kooistra) HIS210U Minorities in America (Ruben Rivera) HIS/GEO320K History and the Human Environment (Amy Poppinga) HIS350 Modern America (Diana Magnuson) HIS354 Modern Europe (Chris Gehrz) HIS356 Modern Middle East (Poppinga) DIG310 Advanced Digital Humanities (Charlie Goldberg) GEO120 Intro to … Continue reading Previewing Our Fall 2019 Courses

Audio book of Rankine, Citizen

Three More Books to Read for Black History Month

Earlier this week at The Anxious Bench, I mentioned five books that I'm planning to read for Black History Month: biographies of Frederick Douglass and Jackie Robinson, plus a study of Catholic civil rights activism in Chicago, an analysis of the impact of the black church on the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Jemar Tisby's widely-acclaimed … Continue reading Three More Books to Read for Black History Month

Ruben Rivera

What’s New in 2014-2015? Our Faculty

Now that we're past the busyness of Welcome Week and the start of classes, it's high time we get back to blogging here at AC 2nd. We'll start with three posts sharing what's new in the department. First, comings and goings on our faculty: • Ruben Rivera is continuing in a new role that he started last spring, as the university's interim … Continue reading What’s New in 2014-2015? Our Faculty

Fall Course Previews: Minorities in America

Today we'll continue to preview some of our Fall 2012 courses, as Ruben Rivera discusses one of his signature courses. Course HIS210U Minorities in America What are some of the big themes of this course? If you ask people how long America has been a democracy, many will say since the American Revolution. However, in … Continue reading Fall Course Previews: Minorities in America