Associate Professor of Political Science
Department Co-Chair
Co-Director, Humanities Program

Courses Taught
Educational Background

B.A., University of South Carolina Aiken
M.A., Baylor University
M.A. and Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Get to Know Prof. Bramsen

What’s your favorite book to teach in a course at Bethel?

It’s hard to pick just one, but I always enjoy teaching Plato’s Republic. Though he is writing in the pre-Christian era, he wrestles with questions that are so relevant to our faith and to our time. Is justice something real, or just what we make it? What would be the ideal form of government? (and why do we never seem to achieve it?) Why is it bad to be unjust even if we could get away with it? These are some of the questions that resonate again and again.

What’s your favorite place outside the United States to visit? Why do you love being there?

It’s hard to choose a favorite place to visit, but I grew up in St. Louis, Senegal and so visiting there brings me back to my childhood home which warms my heart.

Where do you go to church? What’s one thing you especially like about that congregation and its ministry?

Church of the Redeemer in Arden Hills. I love our deep congregational community, our liturgy, and the faithful engagement with both Scripture and church tradition.

If you consider yourself a cook… what’s your favorite meal to prepare?

I make ceb-u-jen (red rice and fish), which is the national dish of Senegal. It’s fun to make and tasty to eat!

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