Associate Professor of History
Director of Digital Humanities

Courses Taught
Educational Background

B.A., Concordia College (MN)
M.A., M.Phil., PhD, Syracuse University

Get to Know Prof. Goldberg

If you were invited to write a biography about someone from the past, who would you choose?

Some day I’d like to write a comparative biography of the ancient Roman politicians Cato the Elder and Scipio Aemilianus, who lived overlapping lives but had very different perspectives on power, philosophy, and masculinity in the era when ancient Rome grew to become dominant in the ancient Mediterranean.

Beyond our department… Tell us about another member of the Bethel faculty whom you especially admire.

I admire the way that Gary Long in Biblical & Theological Studies is able to explore differing interpretations of Scripture with students in a way that’s sensitive to believers from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

What book in the Bible have you read most often in your life? What keeps bringing you back to it?

John. As a kid I was always drawn simply to how it differed from the other gospels. As a scholar, I’ve remained interested in how those differences reflect important cultural aspects of the Greco-Roman world in which the early church grew.

If we asked the people who know you best to describe you, which three adjectives would they be most likely to use?

Sensitive. Considerate. Curious.

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