Associate Professor of Political Science
President, Faculty Senate

Educational Background

B.A., Albion College
M.A. and Ph.D., Ohio State University

Get to Know Prof. Moore

If you could design a new course to put in your teaching rotation, what would it be?

A course on decision-making and choice architecture, with a little introduction to game theory. I’d connect it to the games that we play intentionally and unwittingly throughout our lives.

What book in the Bible have you read most often in your life? What keeps bringing you back to it?

I come back regularly to Nehemiah, a story of rebuilding in the face of opposition. A story of work and covenant. A story of politics and hope.

What’s your favorite band? Just how big a fan are you?

A look at my playlist suggests I’m a pretty big fan of Wilco and the National. I guess I’ve settled into hardcore Dad Rock.

If we asked the people who know you best to describe you, which three adjectives would they be most likely to use?

Affable. Gregarious. Excitable. (Gosh, I sound like a German Shepherd.)

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