Assistant Professor of Political Science
Pre-Law Advisor

Courses Taught
  • POS100 American Politics and Government
  • POS221L American Political Ideologies
  • POS/HIS241L Revolution and Political Development
  • POS340 American Political Institutions
  • POS342 American Public Policy
  • POS/PHI345 Modern Political Thought
  • POS/PHI/HIS360 Classics in Western Political Philosophy
Educational Background

B.S., Union University
M.A. and Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington

Get to Know Prof. Kuchem

What’s your favorite book to teach in a course at Bethel?

David Koyzis, Political Visions and Illusions: A Survey and Critique of Contemporary Ideologies. Koyzis is a Christian political philosopher who argues that modern political ideologies are inherently idolatrous because they are all grounded in the idea of human autonomy and elevate some aspect of human existence (whether the individual, the collective, the demos, the nation, or traditions) above the others. In my class, we use Koyzis’s critique of modern ideologies to interrogate the ideas from the primary texts we read during the previous ten weeks of the semester, and to consider several historical Christian approaches to society and politics.

What book in the Bible have you read most often in your life? What keeps bringing you back to it?

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is probably the book to which I return the most. It is the fullest and most succinct and beautifully written statement of the Gospel and its implications. It also contains perhaps the grandest statement in Scripture about the universal church. It has long served to convict, encourage, and ground me in my walk with Christ.

If you consider yourself a cook… What’s your favorite dish to prepare?

Smoked meat. I’m from Texas, and we’re serious about BBQ.

What are your three favorite movies?

The Mission, The Empire Strikes Back, The Fellowship of the Ring