History majors are perhaps a bit more prevalent in the corporate world than you would think. The habits of research, writing, and critical thinking that a history degree can build are vital in any field. The ability to critically evaluate sources is particularly valuable, and I find that a grounding in history has given me a healthy cynicism that helps me look past the outer layer of happy marketing-speak that the whole corporate world wraps itself in.

Tim Goddard ’04

As a History major we learn how to LEARN and that makes us able to adapt into many different fields. I would say that the skills I use in my day-to-day job are not necessarily what I learned in my classes at Bethel. But my classes at Bethel made me who I am today, and who I am today is someone who knows how to use all of my knowledge, skill, and emotional intelligence to connect with students and to be an effective higher education administrator.

Meloni Rudolph Crawford ’94

My education prepared me to critically and objectively look at incomplete information and make inferences and deductions. My Bethel History education also has given me the unique opportunity to spread the benefits of a liberal arts education as I attend medical school…. The faculty genuinely cares about their students and this leads to better learning and better experiences in classes. The best part of my Bethel education was the relationships that I formed with the professors in the History Dept.

Collin Barrett ’19

Collin Barrett

It can seem scary choosing a degree that might not have a direct career associated with it, but the mindsets and skills you build as a history major are critical to success in most professions. The demand for people who investigate and communicate well is rising and that’s what you learn as a history major.

Micayla Moore ’16

Micayla Moore