To open a new week and continue our new series, three current HiPPos students tell us about one of the two majors we share with a professional program: Business & Political Science.

When and why did you choose the Business & Political Science major?

Karina Nelson ’24: I came into Bethel planning to minor in Business, and I decided to do a little more than that!

Anna Olson ’25: I was looking for a school with a Political Science major and after meeting with Dr. Moore the spring before my freshman year, I realized that I wanted to study Poli Sci for sure. None of the other schools I toured had devoted Political Science majors; they were often combined with other subjects such as History or Philosophy, and the programs weren’t as well established. After meeting with some professors I was able to see how passionate they are within the department about the courses, students, and the interests of their students.

Why did you pick the combined Business & Poli Sci major rather than a traditional major in either Business or Political Science?

Laurel Steffenson ’24: I changed to Business & Political Science when I came to Bethel because I intend to be a litigation business attorney and thought having some business background would be beneficial.

Anna Olson ’25

Anna: I changed to a Political Science and Business major in the beginning of my freshman year after hearing about the program from my counselor. Although it is not a completely separate major, I have enjoyed the variety and flexibility it has given me. I enjoy both topics very much and being exposed to both fields has given me new ideas for careers I may want to pursue that I may not have known about had I not explored this combined major.

Karina: I liked the idea of combining core business classes with Political Science classes I wasn’t already taking with International Relations. It also is a few more business classes than the minor, and I think those additional classes will help me be more well-rounded after graduation than if I had only done a minor.

Tell us about a particular highlight of the Business & Poli Sci major in your experience of it.

Laurel: My favorite class has been The Political Quest because it allows students to broaden their overall knowledge and choose a topic that they want to study and research.

Anna: Although they always make me nervous, the dice rolls and occasional use of the Table of Weirdness in Dr. Moore’s classes can be really entertaining. I also personally believe the dice roll is one of my favorite ways to quiz.

What’s one important way that you’ve grown — intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, etc. — as a result of majoring in Business & Political Science?

Karina: I have just started diving into the business classes, but I see myself growing intellectually through some of the more intimidating classes like Managerial Finance. Assuming I survive those, I expect to have a better idea of what my mind can do!

Anna: I believe I have grown intellectually in this major because I have been encouraged to try new things and step out of the box. I really feel like I have expanded my knowledge and learned so much about myself and the world around me because of the way my professors challenge me. Spiritually, I have grown because of the leadership from professors and the way they integrate the Gospel into Political Science and Business classes. I have seen so much real life application of the Bible in really interesting, new ways.

I have seen so much real life application of the Bible in really interesting, new ways.

Anna Olson ’25

If you were to talk to a prospective student considering Business & Poli Sci, what advice would you give her?

Anna: It may seem intimidating as a combined major, but it really is a lot of fun and you have SO much support. Just be honest when you need help and you will do great.

Karina: I would say if you’re thinking about business, go for it. I love my IR major too, but I am really glad I added Business & Poli Sci.

Laurel: Unless they know 100% that they wish to peruse business, I would stay with Political Science and maybe minor in Business or pick another area and double major.

To learn more about the Business & Poli Sci major, click here or see the catalog page below:

<<Major in International Relations | Major in Philosophy>>


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