What’s Happening This Fall?

August 24, 2015


We’re to the end of summer, with Faculty Retreat taking place Tuesday and Wednesday and our newest students showing up Thursday and Friday. Classes will start next Monday. Here’s what we’re offering this fall: Course Instructor Days/Times HIS200L American Civilization Diana Magnuson MWF 8:00-8:50am HIS210U Minorities in America Ruben Rivera R 6:00-9:00pm HIS245L History of […]

On History and Parenting

August 21, 2015


Our kids pumping water at the Oliver Kelley Farm

Earlier this summer I devoted a post at my personal blog to reflecting on what I’ve learned about teaching history to our five-year old twins. I wrote about how children process the violence they encounter in the past, their ability to empathize with people in history, and their capacity for the “five C’s” of historical thinking — for […]

The AC 2nd Travelogue: The Land of Lincoln

August 18, 2015


Lynae and Dana Morrison with a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL

Last summer sisters Lynae (’08) and Dana (’12) Morrison kicked off our alumni/student travelogue series by recounting their trip to Kansas City, Missouri. Today we’re happy to share their latest historical travels in the Midwest! If you’d like to write for this or our other recurring blog series, please get in touch with Prof. Chris Gehrz. It […]

Gearing Up for a New Academic Year

August 17, 2015


Lake St. Peter in Ontario (CC Rick Harris)

It’s been a quiet summer for the Bethel History Department’s social media empire, but with the first day of fall classes only two weeks away, look for much more activity here at AC 2nd and on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. This year we’re going to have one of our department TAs focus on social media. If […]

Ever Wanted to Design a WWI Memorial? Here’s Your Chance!

July 10, 2015


Memorial to the French Army of 1914-1918

Over 100,000 Americans died in World War I, yet it’s the one 20th century conflict not commemorated with a memorial on or near the National Mall in Washington, DC. But Congress has authorized a redesign of the memorial to American WWI commander John J. Pershing (a block from the White House), and the U.S. WWI Centennial Commission has opened […]

Which Moments Changed America?

June 5, 2015


Victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy

Yesterday Time published a list of moments in the 20th century that “changed America,” as nominated by a group of twenty-five historians: “Many of those moments are easy to name: the assassinations, the invasions, the elections. Many are more subtle, their impact visible only in hindsight.” Click here to the read the full list, but here’s a […]

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Career Planning for History Majors

June 3, 2015


Careers section in newspaper

Whether you’re just entering our department, just about to leave it, or anywhere in between those stages, check out a new series of blog posts from the American Historical Association: “What to Do with a BA in History.” The first post shared advice for recent graduates preparing to search for jobs. A sample: History is […]


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