One of the objectives of this blog is to encourage alumni and students of this department to cultivate habits of lifelong learning. While many of our former students don’t work in jobs directly related to history, we assume that their undergraduate interest in the past never entirely went away — and ought to be nourished by continued reading, museum visits, film watching, and other activities.

That’s why we collect a series of historical blog posts from around the Internet and post them as “Weekend Reading” every Saturday morning.

To a similar end, each month we’ll be highlighting other blogs that discuss history in an interesting, well-researched, and well-written fashion.

Oxford University Press logoThis month, a blog featuring the writers and editors of one of the world’s great academic publishing houses, Oxford University Press:


Frequency of Posts: daily

Five Most Recent Posts:

The OUP’s blog features posts on the wide range of topics covered by its extensive catalog, not just history. But history is one of its strengths (the link above goes straight to the history page — if you want to see other topics, click here), with posts on African, African-American, British, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Military, U.S., and World history being published regularly. There’s also a biography section, and a “This Day in History” feature that’s updated a bit less frequently than you’d expect. Most posts come from authors promoting new Oxford-published books, and they’re generally quite well-written — while this is an academic press, you don’t generally need to be a specialist in the field to follow along.

Some other academic presses with blogs that regularly cover history:

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