We’ll be saying more about our alumni soon, but if you want to get some sense for what History, Philosophy, and Political Science students have gone on to do with their Bethel degrees, just check out these recent Hippo-related stories at Bethel News:

Diba Domínguez ’20

Combat medic, U.S. Army

“Domínguez decided to attend Bethel and study political science, which she says has well-equipped her to engage in conversations with people who see the world differently than she does. She recalls having a conversation recently with one of her friends who is also training to become a combat medic. ‘We’re really good friends, and we disagree on a lot of political things,’ she says. ‘I feel more equipped for those conversations because of my education. I understand why I believe what I believe, and I have the knowledge to back it up.’

“During her senior year, Domínguez was one of four Bethel students selected to attend the Christian Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. where she attended sessions to hear other Christians share about their experience working in government. ‘I remember thinking to myself that this was the arena where big change can happen,’ she says. ‘We talked about how we can better advocate for issues we are passionate about and not being afraid to challenge the system, in the pursuit of a more fair society.'”

Ben Beecken ’10

Senior director of marketing and communications, Oklahoma City Dodgers

“Beecken took an untraditional route into baseball. He majored in history at Bethel, and he expected to work as a teacher while coaching baseball or basketball. But then he learned more about the business world behind sports—his top passion. He credits the late G.W. Carlson, a professor of history and political science, for being patient and encouraging him as he discovered that passion.

“Beecken says his history background—and the many presentation and papers he completed—helped him grow as a communicator who often relies on writing, public speaking, attention to detail, and general communication in his role. And his history background still comes in handy. ‘There are absolutely some projects that we work on where having a history-focused mind drives my curiosity and causes me to look deeper and consider things from a broader context,’ he says.”

We talked to Ben in more depth about his History major in this 2018 interview

Ralph Gustafson ’74

Retired pastor and Bethel administrator

“‘I can’t think of my life apart from Bethel,’ says Ralph. Here’s why: He and Lyn both graduated from Bethel in 1974, Ralph with a dual major in history and speech, and Lyn with a degree in education. Ralph also earned two degrees from Bethel Seminary, an M.Div. in 1978 and a D.Min. in 2013. As a young couple, they worked at Bethel in a variety of roles—together as resident directors and answering afterhours calls to the switchboard, and Ralph as a bus driver and assistant football coach.

“A pastor, speaker, teacher, and ministry director, Ralph worked at Bethel for much of his career, serving in church ministries, development, and most recently as executive minister for church relations before his retirement in 2018…

“‘We give because we really believe in Bethel’s mission—at both the college and the seminary,’ says Ralph. ‘We’ve seen the results in our own lives and the lives of our kids—there’s no better place for people to experience transformation. We wish we could give 10 times what we give.'”

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