What can you do with a degree in history, philosophy, or political science? The best answer to this common question is our alumni themselves, whose stories we’ll be telling in the months to come.

But you can also explore some of the professions our graduates enter using the map below, which includes over 230 Hippo alumni working in education, business, law, government, nonprofits, health care, church and parachurch ministry, and more!

Alumni are listed by class year in different categories. Yellow pins for Philosophy majors, red for those in Political Science (plus International Relations and Business & Poli Sci), blue for History and Social Studies Ed, and mixed colors for double-majors spanning those fields (e.g., green for Philosophy/Poli Sci).

Of course, this is just a start, using information we’ve received from alumni who took part in a January 2021 survey, have joined our LinkedIn group, or otherwise been in touch with us in recent years. We know there are more of you out there, so if you’d like to be added to this map, please email Prof. Gehrz.

(Likewise, let him know if you’d prefer to be taken off this map, or if you need to correct or update any information.)

But even in its initial draft, the map indicates how versatile a Hippo degree can be.

It’s no surprise to see Political Science majors working in politics or government or History majors teaching high school social studies, or to realize that majoring in Philosophy sets graduates up for success in grad school, law school, and seminary. But a Philosophy major elected by the voters of Hennepin County, a Poli Sci major directing a church’s children’s ministry program, or a History major going to medical school?!? Not to mention our most common field: business, where you’ll find about 30% of our recent graduates, doing everything from marketing and sales to banking and IT….

What can you do with a major in history, philosophy, or political science? Maybe the question should be, What can’t you do with one of our majors?

Click here to read more about careers in history, philosophy, and political science.

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