We’re not quite halfway through Fall 2021, but it’s not going to be too much longer before Bethel students register for their Interim and Spring 2022 classes. So we’ll use the blog the next couple of weeks to preview some of those courses. We’ll include basic info about each course (when it’s taught, if there are any prerequisites, what major/minor/gen ed requirements it meets), plus the professor will answer some questions about what to expect. Let’s start with our newest faculty member, philosopher Omar Fakhri…

PHI305G Philosophy of Religion

Days/Times: TR 12:15-1:30pm in Spring 2022

Prerequisites: a World Cultures (U) course; plus either (a) GES130 Christianity and Western Culture, GES160 Inquiry Seminar, and a Contemporary Western Life and Thought (L) course, or (b) GES244 Humanities III

Counts for:

• General Education: Comparative Systems (G) course

• Major option: Philosophy (elective), Digital Humanities (Humanities core elective)

• Minor option: Philosophy

Complete the sentence: “Students should consider taking this course because…”

…it will help them engage with important questions about their faith, and understand objections and responses to their faith.

What are some big questions you’re asking in this course?

Are there good reasons to believe in the existence of God? Is the existence of evil compatible with the existence of God? Should we believe in miracles? How should we understand God’s nature? How should we understand the Trinity and the Incarnation?

What’s a reading that you’re excited for students in this course to encounter and discuss?

I’m excited for students to read and discuss a short book on the Incarnation. The book came out last year, is very accessible, and does a good job of discussing the teaching of the Incarnation in the early Church (something that other philosophical books on the topic lack).

POS221L American Political Ideologies>>

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